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How does a vpn work?

Your VPN will guide your internet connection through the server. The server will encrypt your data. For example, you are in Thailand. And connect to the server in America. A VPN sends your connection from Thailand. To America while encrypting all data Because the data is encrypted, your internet service provider can't see what website you accessed. Where are you connected from or are you following activities?

Then your VPN server will send your connection to the website you want to visit. For example, website applications or streaming services such as Websites will understand that the VPN server is your true location. Instead of your device's location This means that the website will see the IP address of the VPN server instead of your real IP address. A good VPN will have thousands of servers for you to use, and the IP number will be updated regularly so that the website can remember and These IP numbers can be blocked and that means you can use the internet privately and no one can track your online activities.

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