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Who is CISCO? Why do large organizations choose to use it?

I believe that CISCO must be the number 1 choice because CISCO has a Network that covers the whole Solution, whether
Next-Generation Network or NGN
Data Center
Service Provider Video
Security and many more.
"Someone once said that CISCO is good but expensive. " 
Price of CISCO if comparing with other brands Many people think that it is several times more expensive.
But if we try to look at the quality Lifetime And materials used and support from technicians who are expert in giving advice in the event of a use problem Including other services Which helps the business to run stable and uninterrupted Considered to be a very worthwhile investment. Imagine that in a world without borders today If your business or organization can Continuous work, stable and uninterrupted systems Inevitably creates trust for customers, considered a worthwhile investment That means that profits will follow. And if looking back at the price And benefits that will be generated to the business Considered that the price of CISCO is very worth the investment
More info:    cisco enterprise firewalls
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