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The best free remote desktop tools and software

Remote desktop systems are especially useful for corporate support teams and help desk technicians who allow members of the public to purchase software to operate.

These programs are also useful for everyday use by individuals . If you can contact your computer at home and access it via a tablet, you should not risk losing any files saved through theft, loss, or accidental damage. Keep your best computer locked at home and get access to all the important things, without having to copy everything or buy additional licenses of your favorite software, using a remote desktop program.

We offer a lot of details on each of the tools below, but if you have a short time, here is our list of the best free remote desktop tools:

SolarWinds Dameware (FREE TRIALS) Two business options with a free 14-day trial.
Zoho Support (FREE TRIAL) The cloud-based support package that includes remote access and remote desktop utilities.
SolarWinds MSP Take Control (FREE TRIAL) A compact remote control system that includes chat, VoIP and queues to serve multiple users.
Atera (TRIAL FREE) A remote monitoring and management suite for MSPs that includes Splashtop.
TeamViewer A widely paid remote desktop system that is free to use for individuals.
Chrome Remote Desktop A simple, easy-to-access desktop system that runs through a Google Chrome browser.
RemotePC A paid desktop desktop system that has a free version for personal use.
Microsoft Remote Desktop Free utility provided by Microsoft that allows remote access to devices running Windows.
RealVNC VNC Connect Cloud-based service that is free for home use and allows access to Linux machines, as well as PCs and Macs.
TightVNC Remote control software that is free for both companies and individuals.
TigerVNC An open-source project that offers free remote desktop utilities for both private and business use.
Remmina Complete from individuals and companies - this is an open-source project.
Splashtop Free for private use and paid for companies. Paying users can access a free seven-day trial.
NoMachine Free for everyone, but with improved versions for business.
Windows Remote Utilities A paid remote desktop system that has a free version.


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