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What does the Solution Architect do? What is the task of Solution Architect in a project?

Software architect; is the person who designs a structural solution in quality areas such as management, performance and security in order to meet the operational and technical requirements determined according to the required needs. Before starting coding in the software project, he prepares a design.

What Does a Software Architect Do? What Do Software Architecture's Task Responsibilities Cover?
The tasks of software architects whose responsibilities are wide and difficult can be listed as follows:

Selecting the technologies to be used in the project,
Selecting ready-to-speed controls and following them,
Using the framework,
Making recommendations in project methodology and processes,
Choosing methodology or process such as RUP, XP and MSF,
Choosing quality standards such as AQAP, ISO and CMM,
Using development techniques such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Domain Driven Development (DDD) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA),
Creating and maintaining the overall design structure of the applications,
To evaluate the appropriate ones in project parameters such as quality, technique, time and scope,
To check whether the project is at a sufficient level,
Documenting the application design,
Testing and approving coding practices and standards,
Guiding programmers in difficult techniques and tasks,
Assisting the project manager with project benefits and costs,
Assisting management in recruitment and technical personnel selection.


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