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Network administration on Windows Server and Linux platforms

To administer hundreds of computers in a company, make sure you are familiar with the server (server) and operating system to use with the server. Windows Server and Linux are two platforms that you will have to memorize if you want to administer a computer network system at any company.

Network security

Security experts must always work continuously to prevent network attacks. Photo: Internet

In addition to mastering a server system with lots of computers, you also face attacks from hackers who want to gain control of your company's network or website. If negligence is caught off guard, the consequences of being hacked, taking control of the control is extremely huge and can cause serious consequences unpredictable. With cyber security, learners will be fully equipped with hacker attack techniques, understand how all these techniques are so when it comes to security, they will be anti- back to those offensive techniques. They will have to design and maintain a firewall or identify and fix vulnerabilities on the network of the unit, deploy and monitor the attack detection system.

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