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Cisco Announces New Network Virtualization and Security Solutions

Cisco announced that its customers have further enhanced their vision of the existing Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) by virtualizing networks and announcing new technologies to enhance security.

With this announced solution, Cisco announced a new hardware platform and virtual network service for companies to construct a wide area network (WAN) that connects branch offices, enabling enterprises to operate branch office IT environments based on software and controllers. I explained. It also announced a solution to virtualize the DMZ section itself, which has been considered part of the corporate network, and deploy it to an external co-location center such as IDC.

In this announcement, Cisco explained that it realized'Software Defined Segmentation' from the endpoint to the data center and the cloud and provides high visibility.

The Cisco Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform announced by Cisco is a technology that enhances flexibility and agility by virtualizing corporate branch network services. A virtual network service could be used by deploying a rack-type UCS C-series at a branch office instead of a method or router.

The Cisco Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS) 5400 series announced today is a branch NFV-only platform with acceleration and encryption chipsets and additional LAN/WAN interfaces based on the x86 architecture to support NFV. We plan to accelerate the adoption of enterprise NFV by domestic customers by expanding the range of choices so that we can select the optimal platform in consideration of the current status of WAN equipment and plans to introduce NFV in the future.

More info:  firewall checkpoint

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