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Cyber ​​Security Analyst (Defensive Cyber ​​Security Analyst)

Protects computers, data, networks and programs. Researches and evaluates emerging cybersecurity threats, looking for ways to manage them. Daily responsibilities include testing and evaluating security products and providing recommendations for the further development of the organization's cyber defense.

Security Center Analyst (SOC Analyst)
Monitors growing threats. He is engaged in the modernization of the information system and ongoing testing to protect against any intrusion into the network. Coordinates network maintenance and communication between departments within the organization.

what does a computer technician do

Must be proficient in computer networking, routing and switching, penetration testing, social engineering, vulnerability and risk assessment.

Information Security Researcher
Threat Hunter. Finds and eliminates any security threats manually. Anything that automated threat monitoring programs could miss. Uses firewalls, antiviruses, and other software to prevent data loss, network intrusion and internal threat detection (SIEM).


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