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Why the gig economy is a scam

Gig people can't reliably are expecting how a whole lot they'll make, and that they can't depend on the hard-fought victories of the exertions motion for blessings like fitness care, ill go away or paid vacation. And probably worst of all, lots of those people are predicted to anticipate pointers as part of their pay.

That may match out for a few gig people, however an increasing number of human beings are feeling like that is a scam. The complete concept of the gig financial system is that it's far fixing issues, however really, maximum of the issues that it solves are for the folks that use the app, now no longer for the human beings being utilized by it.

While we frequently think about gig people as folks that simply need to earn greater cash, or to complement every other most important supply of income, those "gigs" are greater important to American families than the app advertisements could lead you to believe. When we filmed this episode at the gig financial system, almost one-1/3 of app people stated this changed into their most important gig, and maximum of these human beings are Black oldsters and those of color.

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