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Firewalls certified by FSTEC

To ensure the security of information with limited access, certified information security means must be used . In the presence of network interaction, firewalls (ME) are required .
Why do you need certification
FSTEC oversees certification not related to cryptography. There are several aspects of obtaining a certificate, let's briefly consider each of them.
Normative base
From the point of view of the legislation, the certificate of conformity indicates that this information security system is allowed to be used to protect information related to protected information. Accordingly, in information systems (IS), in which such information is processed, it is necessary to use certified ISS. The normative acts that are the basis for this are listed in Table 1. The orders of FSTEC are given, which in turn are subordinate to the relevant Federal Laws and Government Resolutions specified in the text of the documents.
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