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The Gig Economy: How Robots, Freelancers and the Internet Are Changing Work

New specialties for the gig economy 

The accomplishment of BlaBaCar, Airbnb, Uber is attempting to duplicate different new businesses that are carrying the sharing economy standards to new business sectors. The previously mentioned Instacart conveys goods from stores to the individuals who can't leave their homes. "Individual Shopper" conveys items to your home from the ideal set in at least one of 300,000 stores (this is the number in the application information base today). Instacart, propelled in 2013, has raised over $ 270 million altogether . In a $ 220 million round in January 2015, the startup was esteemed at $ 2 billion, and a little more than a year later, Instacart reportedabout going into benefit. The Russian simple of the Western help, Instamart, is likewise developing quickly: income is expanding by 30% consistently, the normal check has passed the sign of 5,000 rubles. In Russia, after a few ineffective encounters with consultants (the makers enlightened Vedomosti regarding dispatches who picked an inappropriate products and got away with cards), Inastamart needed to amass a staff and compose clear directions for setting off to the store. 

Gigwalk administration that attractedalmost $ 18 million altogether, permits clients to finish little undertakings from retail chains and get paid in that spot. Thusly, the systems are immediately educated about mistakes in item format, issues in their stores, publicizing viability, and so on. The application is presently accessible in the US and Canada. Gigwalk was propelled in 2010, and in 2015 its client base surpassed 400,000 individuals, finishing a sum of in excess of 4 million employments. A simple of Gigwalk in Russia, the CrowdSystems startup, welcomes organizations to direct exchange reviews and purchaser research with the assistance of a huge number of shoppers the nation over. On account of publicly supporting tasks, customer organizations don't have to keep up a gigantic staff, the purchasers themselves give them an assortment of information essential for field research. 

Administrations in accordance with the "gig economy" pattern are commonly pertinent for serving the requirements of exchange. Another territory is publicly supporting conveyance. Administration Deliv, with $ 40 million in funding venture, welcomed entertainers to convey products from stores to lessen conveyance times to one day. Deliv went into concurrences with retailers in 17 business sectors, and before the finish of 2015 it multiplied the volume of prepared requests and has just gone into benefit. A comparative Russian startup, the Bringo stage oversees messenger time - if the organization's in-house dispatch or messenger administration can't adapt to orders, they can employ a publicly supported dispatch ("bearer") or provide the request to another messenger administration.

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