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What is LAN? 

Neighborhood is a gathering of PC and fringe gadgets that are associated in a restricted region, for example, school, research center, home, or place of business. The full type of LAN is Local Area Network, which is a generally helpful organization for sharing assets like records, printers, games, and different applications. The least complex sort of LAN network is to interface PCs and a printer in somebody's home or office. As a rule, LAN will be utilized as one sort of transmission medium. 

What is WAN? 

WAN (Wide Area Network) is a significant PC network that is spread over a huge geological region. WAN organization frameworks could be an association of a LAN that interfaces with other LAN's utilizing phone lines and radio waves. It is generally restricted to a venture or an association. Wide territory networks are generally settled with top of the line media transmission circuits. 

Favorable circumstances of LAN 

Here are experts/advantages of utilizing LAN: 

PC assets like hard-plates, DVD-ROM, and printers can share neighborhood that essentially lessens the expense of equipment buys. 

You can utilize a similar programming over the organization as opposed to buying the authorized programming for every customer in the organization. 

Information of all organization clients can be put away on a solitary hard plate of the worker PC. 

You can without much of a stretch exchange information and messages over organized PCs. 

It will be anything but difficult to oversee information at just one spot, which makes information safer. 

Neighborhood offers the office to share a solitary web association among all the LAN clients. 

Preferences of WAN 

Here, are experts/cons of utilizing WAN: 

WAN causes you to cover a bigger topographical territory along these lines business workplaces arranged at longer separations can without much of a stretch impart. 

Contains gadgets like cell phones, PC, tablet, PCs, gaming reassures, and so forth. 

WLAN associations work utilizing radio transmitters and collectors incorporated with customer gadgets. 

Offers programming and assets by associating with different workstations. 

Offer data/records over a bigger territory.

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