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CheckPoint FireWall-1 is a perimeter firewall for managing security policies within a corporate network

FireWall-1 is developed by Check Point , a leading Israeli Internet security company, which recently moved to the United States.

A perimeter firewall is a hardware or software device that deals with regulating traffic flows between different networks or subnets, filtering all incoming and outgoing packets and applying a series of predetermined security policies.

Perimeter firewalls are typically used to separate a corporate network (LAN) from the Internet , in order to protect its systems from the risk of intrusion or external attacks and prevent unauthorized access to networks.

FireWall-1 consists of a Management Module equipped with a graphical interface called GUI Client , a policy editor that allows you to define security policies and rules, which are stored within the Server, and a operating module (FireWall Module) , which is responsible for actively protecting the network by applying the set policies.

The firewall engine is Inspect, an intelligent and flexible inspection technology that integrates network and application protection. The product has an integrated NAT (Network Address Translation) system and an engine called Smart, capable of supporting distributed architectures.

FireWall-1 performs access control using Stateful Inspection technology , a system that keeps track of all packets passing through the firewall and is able to check for correlations.

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