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This job will be answerable for spooling and banding electrical force link used on Electrical Centrifugal Pumps frameworks in facilitated exertion and technique with establishment specialist and apparatus administrators. 

Fundamental Responsibilities: 

Looking at link items and gear by type/brand/model and chronic number as per specialized going with documentation; 

Getting ready non-similarity acts if any irregularities are identified; 

Channeling of ground electrical hardware of electrical radial siphons; 

Giving a preventive upkeep of ground power hardware of electrical radial siphons; 

Leading of electrical estimations; 

Destroying and establishment of electrical radial siphons with multisection submarine electric engines; 

Pre-start arrangement of ground power hardware with all models of control stations, control stations with recurrence converters and control stations with valve electric engines; 

Destroying and establishment of control stations and force transformers 

Creation of joins on link lines; 

Assurance of staging during cutting and augmentation of the link line at the well; 

Giving slinger capacities.

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