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What is DDoS Attack and How Does It Happen?

Distributed Denial of Service, ie "distributed denial of service" or DDoS attack for short; It is a type of cyber attack that focuses on a single target from many different sources and aims to disrupt the traffic flow of the target server, network or service. Data such as the number of requests to be received by each system, the number of users are predetermined. DDoS attacks send requests far above this predetermined capacity to the server, causing it to malfunction and even crash with the continuation of the attack.

What does a DDoS attack do?

Although it is one of the types of malicious attacks, experts do justice to the DDoS attack and say it is one of the most successful cyberattack types ever designed . Because it's attacking a point that many people don't think of, the point of accessibility.

If there is an attack for direct hijacking or redirecting the IP address to another point, it will hang on the server's firewall and the attack can be terminated as it started. However , the attack that comes with the mask of organic users visiting the site manages to remain hidden until it takes effect.

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