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Check Point Research's Report discoveries are one more demonstration of the reality associations can't bear to settle on email security, presently like never before. The new typical presents a reality that won't change sooner rather than later, which implies far off work is setting down deep roots. Representatives telecommuting, occupied by their day by day life, can't be depended on to stop the following email phishing assault, and that is the reason a pre-emptive email security arrangement must be conveyed.

To exacerbate the situation, in the new typical, phishing and malware dangers don't stop at post boxes. The efficiency applications representatives utilize every day from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace are an immediate expansion of their post boxes, and used to send delicate records and complete significant assignments including corporate information constantly. For that, associations must consider an answer that gives total security from all assaults for both email and profitability suite applications, for example, Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive and others.

Check Point is helping associations everywhere on the world secure their cloud-email and efficiency applications with our CloudGuard SaaS arrangement.

With CloudGuard SaaS you get all the insurance you require for Office 365 and G Suite email and profitability applications in a solitary, proficient, and savvy arrangement, and at the most noteworthy type security. To perceive how Check Point can help keep your far off labor force ensured, watch the CloudGuard SaaS item visit and get a private demo today.

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Check Point Certified Security Administrator

CCSA: Check Point Certified Security Administrator 

The Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) is Check Point's establishment level accreditation, which perceives people who send, arrange and oversee Check Point Security answers for shield networks from interruptions and limit weaknesses. A CCSA is knowledgeable in the everyday tasks of Check Point Security Gateway, Firewall, SmartConsole, SmartDashboard, Security Management Server and Remote Access VPN items. Aptitudes incorporate traffic and association observing, designing enemy of malware settings and URL sifting, executing Identity Awareness in firewalls, arranging security approaches and VPNs, and overseeing clients and validation to inner assets. Competitors should likewise have the option to investigate and resolve regulatory issues. 

Check Point right now offers two CCSA tests: CCSA R77.30 and CCSA R80. CCSA R77.30 targets IT experts who oversee Software Blades Systems and Security Gateway on the GAiA working stage. The CCSA R80 qualification is more centered around cloud advances and security solidification, including coordinated danger the board, improved security arrangement and planning to innovation and cycles, task robotization, bound together approach the executives, and the executives of the whole IT foundation by a solitary stage. 

To accomplish either the CCSA R77.30 or R80 affirmation, competitors must breeze through a solitary test. (CCSA R77.30 competitors take test 156-215.77, and CCSA R80 applicants take test 156.215.80.) 

There are no necessary requirements for the CCSA. Check Point suggests CCSA preparing and that applicants have a half year to one year of item experience prior to endeavoring the test. Contender for both the CCSA R77.30 and CCSA R80 accreditations ought to have a strong comprehension of systems administration, CCSA R77.30 applicants ought to likewise have either UNIX or Windows Server abilities and Internet and TCP/IP experience. 

CCSE: Check Point Certified Security Expert 

The Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) is Check Point's moderate level certification. A CCSE actualizes Check Point's Security Gateway, Management Server, SmartReporter, SmartProvisioning, SmartWorkflow, High Availability, SSL VPN and SmartEvent items. Up-and-comers must realize how to perform progressed client the executives over a VPN, improve VPN execution, overhaul the board workers and investigate VPNs, firewalls and workers. 

To gain the CCSE affirmation, up-and-comers must finish test 156-315.75 (R77). Check Point additionally expects contender to have either the CCSA accreditation (R70, R71 or R75) or the Security Administration course. One year of involvement in Check Point items is suggested. Applicants ought to likewise have experience working with declaration the executives, framework organization, TCP/IP, organizing, Windows Server and UNIX. 

Competitors who as of now have a substantial CCSE can keep up their accreditation by taking the update test (156-915.77). 

The CCSE certification is at present just accessible on R77.30. There are plans to add a CCSE R80 accreditation soon, so up-and-comers should visit Check Point as often as possible for status on the option of CCSE R80 to the Check Point affirmation portfolio. 

CCMSE: Check Point Managed Security Expert 

The Check Point Managed Security Expert (CCMSE) is a serious level accreditation in the Check Point affirmation program and approves a competitor's abilities with Multi-Domain Security Management (MDSM) with Virtual System Extension. IT experts looking for the CCMSE qualification ought to have the option to arrange and execute a worldwide strategy, unite firewalls and change to virtual conditions, and investigate, design and introduce the MDSM climate. 

To procure the CCMSE, up-and-comers must finish test 156.820.77. Up-and-comers additionally need to have the CCSE (R75 or later, or comparable experience) accreditation. At least a half year to one year of involvement is suggested. 

CCSM: Check Point Certified Security Master 

The Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM) is Check Point's most developed specialized qualification, which approves the capacity of possibility to utilize progressed orders to investigate, arrange and streamline Check Point Security Systems. IT experts looking for this certification ought to have the option to investigate ClusterXL and SecureXL, recognize encryption disappointment sources and misconfigured VPNs, and address issues with interruption avoidance framework bogus positives. 

To acquire the CCSM, competitors need to have the CCSE (R70 or higher, or identical information). Check Point suggests that up-and-comers know about UNIX and have involvement in systems administration, TCP/IP and Windows Server. Applicants additionally need to breeze through test 156-115.77.

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key responsibilities as a Professional Services Consultant

The Professional Services Consultant is liable for furnishing industry standard ability with planning and conveying cutting edge security answers for clients. This will incorporate high and low level archived arrangements, plan and establishment, aiding the arranging and execution of all viewpoints inside the undertaking life cycle. The job works flawlessly with the Presales group and the conveyance to the activities group, utilizing organized procedures including Prince II and ITIL systems. 

You will in a perfect world hold a substantial driver's permit. 

Your key obligations as a Professional Services Consultant will incorporate the accompanying: 

Arrange and administrate neighborhood and wide territory networks with various seller hardware to guarantee vigorous security for our clients 

Configuration, design and actualize client security arrangements going from standard firewall and switch engineering to complex multi-local and global establishments for big business level organizations in both public and private segment 

Complete proper documentation to draw in and update specialized and non-specialized partners 

Backing Project Management Team in building venture plans for the execution of requests 

Give specialized skill in client confronting conditions when required 

Partake in present deals plan workshops on made definite plan and Method Statements for arrangement conveyance 

Partake in change control cycles to convey arrangement 

Related to the Project Managers convey venture streams inside complex, multivendor organizations Transition advances into operational climate through organized cycle guaranteeing endorsement is accomplished to the necessary principles 

Aid survey and endorsement cycle of inward and outer documentation under your duty


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Cisco Announces New Network Virtualization and Security Solutions

Cisco announced that its customers have further enhanced their vision of the existing Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) by virtualizing networks and announcing new technologies to enhance security.

With this announced solution, Cisco announced a new hardware platform and virtual network service for companies to construct a wide area network (WAN) that connects branch offices, enabling enterprises to operate branch office IT environments based on software and controllers. I explained. It also announced a solution to virtualize the DMZ section itself, which has been considered part of the corporate network, and deploy it to an external co-location center such as IDC.

In this announcement, Cisco explained that it realized'Software Defined Segmentation' from the endpoint to the data center and the cloud and provides high visibility.

The Cisco Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform announced by Cisco is a technology that enhances flexibility and agility by virtualizing corporate branch network services. A virtual network service could be used by deploying a rack-type UCS C-series at a branch office instead of a method or router.

The Cisco Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS) 5400 series announced today is a branch NFV-only platform with acceleration and encryption chipsets and additional LAN/WAN interfaces based on the x86 architecture to support NFV. We plan to accelerate the adoption of enterprise NFV by domestic customers by expanding the range of choices so that we can select the optimal platform in consideration of the current status of WAN equipment and plans to introduce NFV in the future.

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CheckPoint FireWall-1 is a perimeter firewall for managing security policies within a corporate network

FireWall-1 is developed by Check Point , a leading Israeli Internet security company, which recently moved to the United States.

A perimeter firewall is a hardware or software device that deals with regulating traffic flows between different networks or subnets, filtering all incoming and outgoing packets and applying a series of predetermined security policies.

Perimeter firewalls are typically used to separate a corporate network (LAN) from the Internet , in order to protect its systems from the risk of intrusion or external attacks and prevent unauthorized access to networks.

FireWall-1 consists of a Management Module equipped with a graphical interface called GUI Client , a policy editor that allows you to define security policies and rules, which are stored within the Server, and a operating module (FireWall Module) , which is responsible for actively protecting the network by applying the set policies.

The firewall engine is Inspect, an intelligent and flexible inspection technology that integrates network and application protection. The product has an integrated NAT (Network Address Translation) system and an engine called Smart, capable of supporting distributed architectures.

FireWall-1 performs access control using Stateful Inspection technology , a system that keeps track of all packets passing through the firewall and is able to check for correlations.

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