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Solutions Architect-Enterprise Networking

As an individual from the Pre-Sales Engineering Team, you will be liable for meeting with Presidiorsquos clients, gathering prerequisites for business arrangements identified with organization and security activities, and creating designing answers available to be purchased to Presidio clients. (Up to 25 travel, generally territorial) A fruitful Networking Solutions Architect (SA) ought to have the option to introduce and clarify different organization foundation advancements (LANWAN, Data Center Switching, Security, SD-WAN, Cloud Networking) to clients, control them through necessities assembling, and plan an answer comprising of equipment, programming, permitting, and designing administrations. The ideal up-and-comer will have information and comprehension of big business class arrangements from accomplices, for example, Cisco, F5, Palo Alto, VMware and other organization framework producers.


Fruitful applicants will have a strong handle of organization plan standards dependent on industry best practices.

Duties Include Develop significant level specialized arrangements and present to clients (Hardware, Software, Licensing, Professional Services) Collect business and specialized prerequisites Complete start to finish, full lifecycle network plans Drive whiteboard discussions Craft client confronting introductions Deliver specialized introductions and item shows Generate equipment designs (BoM) Write proclamations of work (SoW) and create Professional Service evaluating using Presidio apparatuses. Capacity to self-movement and self-set heading in a group situation to drive business Work with Account ExecutiveExtended Sales Teams to create client relationship and arrangements and aid in general deals measure Maintain and create specialized and innovation explicit ranges of abilities and confirmations

Required Skills Bachelor

rsquos Degree or proportionate experience andor military experience 5+ long periods of involvement, which shows a huge degree of mastery in big business class organization and security arrangements. At least one of the accompanying affirmations CCNACCDACCNP and other non-Cisco confirmations are profoundly liked. Involvement in office efficiency programming and charting programming, for example, Lucidchart is useful Experience in a Value Added Reseller (VAR) condition favored Expert-level information and involvement in plan, usage and backing of coming up next is exceptionally favored Complex directing and exchanging arrangements (Cisco, Juniper, HP) FirewallsVPNs (Cisco, Palo Alto, Juniper, and so on.) Load balancingAcceleration arrangements (Cisco, F5, Netscaler) Network Access Control, including Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) execution plan, setup, and organization in a lab domain IDSIPS arrangements (Cisco, Tipping Point, and so forth are discretionary) Authentication arrangements including Cisco ACS and RSA SDN arrangements, for example, Cisco ACI and VMware NSX SDWAN arrangements, for example, Cisco Viptela, Citrix Netscaler, Meraki, etchellip Cisco Wireless (liked) Palo Alto NGFW (liked) Hybrid Cloud availability and systems administration An effective Solutions Architect will have the option to show specialized and plan ability dependent on pastpresent involvement with sending, organization, design, or reconciliation. Experience filling in as a specialist or organization planner is alluring.

planner is alluring.


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Basic elements of IoT architecture

Things. A "thing" is an article furnished with sensors that assemble information which will be moved over an organization and actuators that permit things to represent (model, to turn on or off the light, to open or close an entryway, to increment or decline motor revolution speed and that's just the beginning). This idea incorporates refrigerators, road lights, structures, vehicles, creation hardware, restoration gear and everything else possible. Sensors are not in all cases genuinely appended to the things: sensors may need to screen, for instance, what occurs in the nearest condition to a thing. 

Passages. Information goes from things to the cloud and the other way around through the doors. A passage gives availability among things and the cloud part of the IoT arrangement, empowers information preprocessing and sifting before moving it to the cloud (to decrease the volume of information for point by point handling and putting away) and communicates control orders going from the cloud to things. Things at that point execute orders utilizing their actuators. 

Cloud entryway encourages information pressure and secure information transmission between field doors and cloud IoT workers. It likewise guarantees similarity with different conventions and speaks with field entryways utilizing various conventions relying upon what convention is upheld by doors. 

Streaming information processor guarantees viable progress of information to an information lake and control applications. No information can be periodically lost or ruined. 


what does a solutions architect do

Information lake. An information lake is utilized for putting away the information produced by associated gadgets in its common configuration. Huge information comes in "bunches" or in "streams". At the point when the information is required for significant experiences it's removed from an information lake and stacked to a major information stockroom. 

Enormous information stockroom. Separated and preprocessed information required for important bits of knowledge is removed from an information lake to a major information distribution center. A major information stockroom contains just cleaned, organized and coordinated information (contrasted with an information lake which contains a wide range of information produced by sensors). Additionally, information outlet center setting data about things and sensors (for instance, where sensors are introduced) and the orders control applications send to things.


What abilities are fundamental for a cloud architect?

Flexibility and a hankering to pick up capability with A cloud engineer must have the choice to work in a wide arrangement of settings and be accessible to knowing the exceptional necessities of each adventure. No two endeavors or clients are undefined, so incessant learning and an energy to examination can uphold both juvenile and experienced cloud modelers provide the best guidance to their affiliation. 

Any trip could start in a little while looking for new organizations and features, similarly as seeing strong web diaries and discussion sheets. With a curious attitude, cloud sketchers can be more ready to recognize better approaches to manage basic reasoning. 

solutions architect job description

Time the chiefs Professionals in cloud building must have solid time the load up aptitudes. Their days are changed and can join gathering with clients to address issues and needs, and arranging compositional frameworks for those necessities. There is no normal day: They can hold social occasions, travel to go to very close get-togethers with a client, form substance, go after migrations, keep awake with the most recent with new features through web planning or deal with issues. 

Along these lines, cloud modelers think about the criticalness of orchestrating their days, sorting out their time on endeavors, and perceiving how to enlarge little spaces of time

what skills do you need to be an architect

IS governance (set up an IS management system: anticipation and management of the load, monitoring of dashboards, etc.)
IS functional architecture (Knowing one or more business areas, designing functional and application maps, designing and modeling the functional architecture of an application)
IS technical architecture (analyze the players and tools: hardware or software on the market, assess the solutions with regard to the need, define the technical guidelines, conduct technical performance audits, etc.)
Design and write an integration plan
IT operations management (IT infrastructure developments, etc.)
Project management assistance in project scoping (analyze the functional, environmental and technical characteristics relating to the type of structure or product to be produced, analyze the technical proposals and provide assistance with the choice)

what skills do you need to be an architect

Risk management (mapping technical and functional risks and estimating their criticality, deploying an operational safety approach)
Business management (arbitrate between several strategic, tactical or operational orientations
Develop recommendations, propose solutions and improvement scenarios
Training and knowledge transfer
Monitoring, analysis and document management
Mastery of office software and web tools (spreadsheet, word processing, content management, flow management, etc.)
Fluency in technical English

IT Solutions Architect jobs 2020


As a Solutions Architect, you will be part of the IT department, reporting to the Project Manager. You will be responsible for the definition and implementation of the technical hardware and software architectures.

solutions architect job description

-Definition and implementation of the company's reference architectures
-Construction of prototypes based on new technologies and solutions
-Definition of best practices and support for different areas of development
-Validation from the architectural point of view of development projects


We are looking for a person with the following knowledge and experiences:


-Higher Engineer / Technician preferably in computer science
-High level of English


-Experience of at least 5 years in the definition, development in implementation of software architectures
-Experience in the implementation of solutions of middleware and messaging


-Knowledge of J2EE technologies and development frameworks java and javascript
-Infrastructure knowledge -Knowledge of
Big Data technology


-Communication and leadership skills
-Compensive project management skills