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what do solutions architects do

Lead vital arranging, advancement and usage of medium-to-enormous information science arrangements or a segment of a bigger arrangement, including prescient displaying, solo and directed learning, and AI methods 

Lead on all phases of presales exercises for such tasks, claiming the entire presale measure from the Competency Center point of view when required. Deal with the conveyance of engineering POCs, where required 

Work straightforwardly and cooperatively with customers, outer information suppliers, and other key partners to guarantee that the arrangement's idea/vision is perceived and settled upon 

Effectively take an interest in venture survey and arranging meetings. Varying, lead the arrangement advancement, drive and administer start to finish improvement cycle (SDLC) or partake in the ventures fire up 

Be responsible for applications-related quality, execution, accessibility, adaptability, security, and uprightness, guaranteeing application ease of use, for example, through an excellent utilitarian interface to applications. Distinguish and alleviate hazards related with explicit arrangement in known settings 

Be responsible for guaranteeing compositional consistency of suggested innovation and its joining with the customer's applications and foundation. Recognize and moderate dangers related the executed arrangement in all important settings of the venture and more extensive program 

Deal with the building information move from the undertaking advancement group to the post-go-live help group. Oversea or impact the formation of design contextual investigation for EPAM's vault of reusable resources 


what do solutions architects do

Drive key visioning exercises for the training and competency focus. Create reusable resources, improvement strategies, measures, best practices to quicken conveyance. Organize SA pool on those exercises 

Drive the program of assessing the equipment and programming stages, benchmarking of elective arrangement models, administer a characterized cycle for arrangement of organized, reusable outcomes. Facilitate the course of R&D exercises by SA pool 

Stay up with the inventive advances and think about conceivable outcomes of making significant arrangement contributions. Arrange draftsmen formative way decision

what skills do you need to be an architect

IS governance (set up an IS management system: anticipation and management of the load, monitoring of dashboards, etc.)
IS functional architecture (Knowing one or more business areas, designing functional and application maps, designing and modeling the functional architecture of an application)
IS technical architecture (analyze the players and tools: hardware or software on the market, assess the solutions with regard to the need, define the technical guidelines, conduct technical performance audits, etc.)
Design and write an integration plan
IT operations management (IT infrastructure developments, etc.)
Project management assistance in project scoping (analyze the functional, environmental and technical characteristics relating to the type of structure or product to be produced, analyze the technical proposals and provide assistance with the choice)

what skills do you need to be an architect

Risk management (mapping technical and functional risks and estimating their criticality, deploying an operational safety approach)
Business management (arbitrate between several strategic, tactical or operational orientations
Develop recommendations, propose solutions and improvement scenarios
Training and knowledge transfer
Monitoring, analysis and document management
Mastery of office software and web tools (spreadsheet, word processing, content management, flow management, etc.)
Fluency in technical English