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Cisco Firewall Specialist

The firewall specialist job involves managing the network and security platforms according to Cisco's procedures and processes. The specialist should be the primary contact for any technical assistance and track all the issues. They must enhance the effectiveness of IT services by sharing knowledge with the staff.

Usually, the Cisco Firewall Specialist plays a prominent role in implementing the network security rules and mitigating network attacks. They should take the responsibility of firewall troubleshooting and maintenance. The professionals will have to resolve any issues related to the organization. The professionals must ensure the maintenance of clustered firewall environments for customers using Check Point High Availability.

They should have proper knowledge about IPS software blades and others. It is their responsibility to create log analysis and correlation of monthly reports. The professionals must develop signatures and traps to evaluate the traffic pattern. The specialists should be well versed with Checkpoint models, capabilities, and architectures. It is the responsibility of the Firewall Specialist to assist in managing the data and security costs by keeping track of services. They should establish robust management procedures to minimize business disruption.

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