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Remote Workers Are More Productive

Working remotely has become the new normal since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world. Millions of workers who were accustomed to working in the common office or worksite of their company were required to begin working remotely with very short notice.

Not only is remote working better for the workforce, but it also helps the company too. The business can cut its costs exponentially by not having an office space. Within cities, especially, communal workspaces, are extremely expensive to rent, cutting hugely into the company budget. Particularly for small businesses or startups, these are very draining assets that are not necessary for the workforce. 

Additionally, costs such as building maintenance, council tax, refreshments, and security / reception staff salaries all add to this inordinate site budget. Without these costs, the business can focus on growing, expanding, and creating an amazing brand. 

More Info: Remote workforce

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