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help desk KPIs to track

Help desk agents are at the forefront of helping customers resolve their issues and answer their questions. Analyzing your agents' work and help desk processes with KPIs will help you keep customers satisfied and loyal to your brand. Help desk KPIs give you insight into how well your agents perform and areas in which they should be trained. Based on KPIs, you can develop individual and team performance goals and plan activities to optimize your help desk processes (eg, increase the automation level). Platforms for help desk automation, like  Dynamics 365 Customer Service  and  Salesforce ServFirst Response Time measures the average time a customer waits to receive an initial reply from a help desk agent. The first impression is everything, and good help desk agents excel in responding to customers as quickly as possible. The longer you keep your customer waiting, the more likely they will have a negative first impression of your help desk team. Keeping this indicator as low as possible has a direct impact on customer loyalty. ice Cloud , will help you both track and improve important KPIs.

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