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IT department on the new frameworks

Before the project reaches the implementation phase, it should be submitted to an enterprise architect. What is the difference between solution and enterprise architect as far as their responsibilities are concerned? 
The difference between solution architect and enterprise architect lies in the scope of responsibilities. While the solution architect's authority is limited by the project they are assigned to, the enterprise architect (as the name suggests) must take a broader view and check whether the solution strategy chosen by the solution architect is in accord with the company's mission. To do that, the enterprise architect should be aware not only of the organization's internal policies and goals but of the environment as well. 

The external factors that the enterprise architect keeps track of include the overall technological landscape in the world, current IT trends, and competitors' advances in the field. Being in the know of such developments and having degrees in information systems or information technology, the enterprise architect determines how IoT, ML, or AI can be leveraged to give the organization a competitive edge and updates the IT department on the new frameworks, platforms, and practices of applying them. 

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