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German Dating Blitz

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Thursday – Local Bar Holiday Party

Approach 24: I was talking with some buddies when I catch the gaze of a cute HB8 at the bar. She keeps giving me side-ways glances the whole time I’m talking. Eventually, one of my buddies makes a comment which everyone around us hears including the HB:

Buddy: hey, do you guys smell puke?
Buddy2: yea i do actually, I can’t tell if it is puke or something else
Savage: (point to HB and engage her) hey, did you guys puke over here?
HB: (laughs) no, I didn’t puke, but it could be the whiskey shot I just ordered that you are smelling
Savage: oh that could be it. I’m surprised you are drinking something that smells so bad
HB: (laughs again) yea but it tastes soooo good
Savage: haha, fair enough (I give her a smile and resume talking to my friends)

Later on as she was leaving the bar, she came up to me to say good bye and that she’d see me around. Nice.

Friday – Local Bar with Live Bands

I had a lot of approach anxiety this night for some reason, but managed to get in three tough approaches.

Approach 25: A girl at the bar is ordering next to me. I ask her if she knows any of the bands and if they are any good. She says she doesn’t know and ejects as soon as she gets her drinks.

Approach 26: A bit later, two other girls approach the bar to order and I try to give them advice on which beer they should order. They look at me like I’m a retard and sarcastically say, “yea buddy thanks for the advice.” Ouch!

Approach 27: I’m standing by the stage at the end of the night and their is an HB near me. I ask her if she is the president of the fan club (referring to the band that is playing). She laughs a bit and says that she just likes their sound. I try chit chatting for a bit but she is too distracted by the band so I eject.

Saturday – Local Pub

Approach 28: I’m standing near the bar and as an HB is ordering her drink I give her a simple, “Hi, what’s your name?” We introduce each other and I tell her some jokes, etc. She invites me to come sit down with her and her guy roommate. This is where things started falling apart. Though I was still getting good rapport with the HB, the guy roommate kept trying to tool on me. I ended up spending the rest of the night deflecting his hidden insults. I ended up just saying it was nice to meet them and left.


I didn’t get a lot of approaches in this weekend. I really need to step up the approaching if I’m even going to come close to my goal. I’m only a quarter of the way finished with only seven days left in the month. Time to drop the hammer.

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