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Thursday – Mall Sarging

I finally made it back to the mall again. This time with much better results. I left work and arrived at the mall around 5:45pm. By 6:15 things were looking like a repeat of the last mall sarge (3 hrs of walking around with no approaches). I was almost on the verge of giving up again, when I decided to go into the Yankee Candle store to buy a gift for my mom.

Approach 19: While smelling the different scents of the various candles I notice a cute HB8 standing next to me doing the same thing. One…two….three…..

Savage: Oh you don’t want that one (pointing to candle she’s holding), that one is no good.
HB8: Oh really, I can’t tell anymore, I’ve been smelling too many candles
Savage: Ah right, you’re going into sensory overload, I know the feeling. Here try this one, it’s really good (I hand her another candle, vanilla cupcake scent). This is probably the best scent in the whole store.
HB8: Wow, the best one huh?
Savage: Oh yea, it’s definitely in my top 3 of all time (smiling)
HB8: haha, ok I’ll think about it. (she walks away)

I continue looking around and just as I’m about to check out, HB8 re-opens me! She walked up to me with two different candles in her hands (one of them vanilla cupcake) and asked me which one she should get. I told her to definitely go with the vanilla cupcake one and she agreed. At this point I was so elated that I couldn’t get anymore conversation in. She thanked me for my help and checked out.

This one approach turned the whole night around. Just when I was about to give up I bang out a really good approach. I’m not kidding that after this, I felt like I was on a high or something. I felt so good that I decided to keep pushing for more approaches.

Approach 20: I walked into a clothing store and approached a cute HBasian. I said “hi” and then asked her if she knew where I could find a good tailor. She told me where there were a few places that she knew of. I asked her which one was the best but she couldn’t really say. I thanked her for her help and ejected.

Approach 21: I was in the Barnes and Noble and noticed this HB with a very familiar scarf on, so I quickly approached:

Savage: Hi, um excuse me, but I was wondering where you got that scarf from?
HB: my scarf? why do you want to know?
Savage: Oh well, it’s just that I seem to see a bunch of people wearing that particular scarf but I never see it being sold anywhere.
HB: ah well I got this one in Ireland
Savage: Do you remember the name of the store?
HB: oh well it’s not one in the U.S. so I’m not sure where everyone gets them from.
Savage: oh I see, well I guess it’ll remain a mystery then (smiling). Nice talking to you.
HB: Bye (smiles)

Approach 22: I’m in the Olympia Sports store looking at some winter hats. An HB is walking by me and I quickly blurt out:

Savage: Hey, what do you think of these winter hats with the little rims on them?
HB: (giggles) A lot of people seem to be wearing them these days
Savage: Yea you’re right, they are a bit trendy. I better not buy one (smiling).

She giggles again and walks away.

Approach 23: I’m starting to get tired and decide to just hit up the information booth for a quick easy approach before leaving. There are two young HBs sitting at the booth. I ask them if there is a good tailor around and how I need to find someone who can alter jeans well. They give me a bunch of suggestions and are a bit flirty. I flirt back, thank them for their help and eject.


It’s funny how just one simple approach can motivate you to keep going. After that first approach in the candle store it felt much easier to get in the other four approaches. I’m really glad I stuck in there. I feel like I really accomplished something today. Not to mention I feel a bit vindicated after the last mall attempt. I was at the mall tonight for about 2 hours and got the five approaches, much better than 3 hours with 0 approaches! I’m feeling good and think I can really start racking these approaches up to reach my goal. Maybe I’ll try to do the mall again tomorrow so I don’t lose this momentum.

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