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The Annotated Bibliography - How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography Examples and Guide 2021

  • A Harvard-style clarified book reference is extreme for two reasons.
  • One - it's Harvard style.
  • Two - it's a commented on book reference.

In any case, unwind. I'm putting forth an attempt not to scare you or anything like that. I'm just saying that it won't be easy in any case we will finish it.

How is it possible that I would be so sure? In light of everything, I have composed many explained bibliographies when I write my paper. So, I understand how it's done and I am demonstrating how it's finished.

You just need to peruse cautiously. That's the long and short of it. I will give you a commented on list of sources model so you don't have to stress over discovering one for yourself.

  • All of the instructions you need are here.
  • So let us inspect the Harvard format.


Annotated bibliography - ANU


Harvard Format!

  • Last Name, First Initial., Date. Article Title. Journal Title. Journal Volume. Issue Number. Pages.
  • So, most likely it's super confusing which is the reason I will separate it.
  • Last name: the essay writer's last name.
  • First Initial: the basic of the maker's given name. Like J. for Jacob.
  • Date: date of distribution.
  • Article title: the journal article's title.
  • Journal Title: name of the journal where the article is published (if accessible).
  • Journal Volume: volume number.
  • Issue Number: the amount of issues of the journal.
  • Pages: page number of the article in the journal.
  • [essay writing service]: just write this as it is. It showed that the article was found on the web.
  • Date of accession: the date when you accessed/read the article.
  • Golly! That was loads of information.
  • Presently, the model.



Goss, K. (2010) Disarmed: The missing movement for weapon control in America.

In this book, the essay writer discusses the movement of weapon control and how it is missing from American society. The maker first outlines what a "movement" truly is and thereafter highlights the harms of uncontrolled weapon sales that have provoked the deaths of thousands of Americans including guiltless kids. The maker also has a gander at the organizations that have been established for implementing weapon control laws and how successful or unsuccessful they have demonstrated to be. The maker concludes mass shootings just give an ephemeral intensity and that serious measures should be taken in the field of controlling gun viciousness.


Kleck, G., Kovandzic, T. besides, Bellows, J. (2016) 'Does weapon control diminish harsh crime?', Criminal justice review, 41(4), pp. 488–513.

This journal article outlines research coordinated on the subject of gun control laws. This research includes "a city-level cross-sectional analysis… on information identifying with each U.S. city". The extensive research suggests that the reason gun control laws don't lessen crime is associated with the implementation of said laws. It also suggests that robbery and manslaughter are diminished when guns are sold to licensed individuals and not sold to alcoholics. Also, assault rates are diminished when guns are not sold to criminals.


Parsons, C. also, Bhatia, R. (2020) Dangerous Gaps in Gun Laws Exposed by the Coronavirus Gun Sale Surge - Center for American Progress.

This article is published by the Center for American Progress association and discusses the issue of weapon control in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. It discusses an assortment of problems inside the system saying, "Unreasonably numerous weapon sales are allowed to proceed without historical verifications, and gun owners face insignificant real requirements to ensure that guns are dealt with and stored safely". As such, it suggests that there is an opening in the system which threatens the safety of normal Americans. As such, policymakers should see this issue suitably and strengthen weapon control laws.


So, that is it then!

Here is your Harvard-style explained list of sources. In case you need one write my essay for you, endeavor web writing services. These services are the best and give you the best substance.

So, do endeavor this decision, won't you?


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